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The Significance of Your Local Computer Store

In today’s digital world where everything is sold over the internet, getting your computer repaired can pose quite the hurdle. This is especially true for those who wouldn’t consider themselves computer experts and have difficulty troubleshooting complex IT issues.

Most large retailers are aware of this fact and unfortunately use it to prey on confused consumers rather than offering them quality service at a fair price. While some DIYers may opt to attempt their own computer repairs, without a solid understanding of computer repair fundamentals, this approach more often than not results in worse issues than were present to begin with!

Faced with the choice between muddling through their own computer repairs or falling prey to big box computer retailers, many consumers feel paralyzed. Little do they know that a blessing may be hiding just around the corner from their house.

Local Computer Experts Guide Customers To The Best Solution

At large computer retailers, most of the “computer experts” you see are actually sales people with very little technical knowledge of computers. Shopping at these stores inevitably results in spending ridiculous sums of money on top-of-the-line systems chocked full of unnecessary features. This isn’t the sales person’s fault; they are actually doing a great job in their role of generating the most revenue for their company as possible. Yet these interactions tend to leave the customer with a vague feeling that they just had a fast one pulled on them. They find themselves walking out of the store with a $2,500 state-of-the-art machine when, little did they know, a basic computer would have more than fulfilled their needs.

On the other end of the spectrum, your trusted local computer store is often owned and run by a person with a passion for computers that knows the only way they can succeed is by offering their customers the right machine at the right price. Without the resources of a big box computer store, they know that they would be quickly run out of business if they started offering customers rip-off deals and bad advice. At your local store, credible computer experts provide guidance helping you to determine the best way to go about repairing your existing devices or selecting a new one that strikes the perfect balance between performance and your budget.

Why Repair A Computer When You Can Replace It?

This backward logic is the life blood of big box computer retailers. Frequently, customers who think they got a sweet deal on a lifetime warranty will return to the big box store they bought it at for repairs, only to end up leaving with a brand new (and extremely expensive) computer that boasts a ton of new features that will not ever be used.

Thankfully, experts at local computer stores let visitors in on a well-known secret: replacing one or two relatively inexpensive parts on an old computer can deliver unbelievable gains in performance! This approach provides the customer with the high-quality service they’ve been seeking without the high price that other stores offer.

Overall, the most significant factor that sets local computer stores apart from the pack is the simple fact that they stay alive by offering customers the most bang for their buck. The next time you find yourself in need of quality repair services, we suggest skipping the big box stores and YouTube tutorials in order to head straight to your local computer store.

As always, at Rios Computer Designs we are here to help and assist you with any computer or IT questions before you take the next step. Call us for a free consultation at 385-630-3100.

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