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Most people these days are purchasing laptops more than desktop systems for their computing needs. And they need to make a decision whether they are going to get a Hard Disk Drive, (also known as HDD), or the Solid State Drive (or SSD). Which of these two is considered to be the better choice? Well, as far as this question is concerned, there is no direct or straight-forward type of answer to this question.

More than ever, individuals have their own unique requirements from their laptops, and they can evaluate it through their preferences, needs, and most importantly, budget. Both do the same job, they boot the system, and store applications and personal files. There are several differences between HDD and SSD however, and each has advantages over the other.

What is SSD?

Solid State Drives can be thought of as a more sophisticated version of a USB memory stick as they have no moving parts, and all the information is stored in a microchip. Conversely, the HDD utilizes a mechanical arm with a write/read head that moves which accesses information from the appropriate location on a storage platter. This kind of difference makes this SSD faster than an HDD.

Typically, SSD’s are more about NAND-based type of flash memory, which is primarily a non-volatile, which means that the stored data will remain even when there is no power present. SSD is a newer technology than HDD , During SSD’s early days, rumors put emphasis to the fact that stored data would immediately wear off and can be lost for years. Regardless of such things, rumors are just rumors and these are not true. Due to the enhanced technology of SSD, you can always write and read to your SSD for over time. You’re also given the chance to acquire storing of data’s integrity for more than 200 years. In simpler terms, storage life of data when using SSD can always outlive you.

What is HDD?

HDD or hard disk drive has been around for several years relative to the continuous changes in technology. This makes use of magnetism to completely store all the data in a specific type of rotating platter. A read/write head floats just above the spinning platters of writing and reading data. The quicker the platter spin, the quicker the HDD performance would be.

One of the main benefits of HDD is the fact that it has the ability to store lots of information or data in a cheap manner. In these days, storing of data is not unusual to the hard drive of the laptop and its density continues to grow. However, data cost in every gigabyte can already can be very hard to calculate since there are huge numbers of classes to choose from though it is safe and effective to say that all types of HDD is cheaper when compared to SSD.  So, if you really wanted to have cheap storage processes, then HDD is perfect for you.

As far as HDD and SSD is concerned, well there are lots of differences and similarities you need to consider before finally deciding on what to choose. These two are considered to be Utah’s favorite hence you will never regret choosing any of the two.