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To Repair or Not to Repair my PC:

The Choice Between Fixing Your Current Computer or Buying a New One

 Any person that has had issues with their computer has found themselves tasked with the daunting choice between fixing their current device or shelling out for a brand-new one. Whether your decade-old, trusty computer isn’t so reliable anymore or you’re looking to reach a whole new level of computer performance, grappling with this decision can make even the most tech-savvy person think twice.

The Fork in the Road

Most users make their decision based on price: is it cheaper to buy a new part or a whole new computer? For instance, if it costs $400 to fix a laptop that can be purchased brand new for $300, then it’s probably time to invest in a new device. These cases are rare and computer repairs are often a much more budget-friendly choice than buying a whole new computer. Assuming your computer hasn’t been lit on fire or dropped into a pool of acid, you’ll typically pay less to have your device restored to its former glory rather than purchasing a new computer.

The right decision is largely dependent on each consumer’s unique position so one would be well-served to investigate what the precise issue their current computer faces as well as the hardware specifications that a new computer needs to meet or exceed to deliver satisfactory performance.

Who Can I Turn to for Help?

Again, this can be a nuanced issue to approach. While many consumers feel warm and fuzzy when they are offered a “lifetime warranty” by a big box retailer, the simple truth is that these are offered as a clever sales tactic. By overcharging for the purchased device and making sure the “lifetime warranty” is rife with limitations, the big box retailer makes sure that they still come out ahead. It’s all too often that someone facing the decision whether to buy a new computer or repair an old one ends up getting talked into purchasing an over-powered multi-thousand-dollar system with a host of unnecessary features when they truly only needed to spend a couple hundred dollars on a repair. Then when they inevitably encounter an issue with their overpriced system, they are told that this issue is “not covered” by their lifetime warranty.

Now this is not to say that big box retailers are evil. The simple truth is that such a large company has to make their money somewhere and they do a good job of churning a profit by tacking on as many “features” as possible; whether or not those features will ever be used is of little concern to them. For those with money to burn, big box retailers are a great place to burn that money. But for the average consumer that prefers to get the most bang for their buck, the friendly, local computer store is their dearest asset.

Your Friendly, Neighborhood Computer Expert

Local computer stores are often run by a small, knowledgeable team of computer enthusiasts. Competing with highly visible big box retailers, local computer stores know that they have to offer as much value as possible to their customers by guiding them through decisions as if they were making the choice for their own self. Instead of looking to nickel and dime, local computer stores take a consultative approach to computer repair, offering access to their years of computing experience while searching for the best solution for their client.

Local computer repair experts pride themselves on helping their customers get the most out of their current machine and typically only suggest upgrading to a shiny new device when absolutely necessary. If you’re currently trying to determine whether or not to repair or replace your current computer, stop by your neighborhood computer store to find some answers.

As always, at Rios Computer Designs, we are happy to assist you with any computer issues or questions. If you are about to make a decision and need a professional opinion, we can help.

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