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Scam Phone Calls – “You Have a virus!”- Don’t be a Victim Scam callers are everywhere. You may have experienced these attempted scams yourself. They call and tell you there is one problem or another to lure you to do unnecessary and potentially risky things in a panic, for the scammers’ illegal benefit, under the false pretense that they are offering to help you. There are even scammers who will tell you that they are from Microsoft and that they are calling to help fix serious problems on your computer. They want to scare you into giving them what they want.How Scam Calls WorkScams often happen in similar ways. The victim’s phone will ring, and the caller will tell them that they have received reports from their internet service provider stating that the victim’s computer system is having serious virus problems. These scam callers will also tell you that if the problem is not resolved immediately, your computer will become completely useless. The mostly identified themselves as Microsoft Engineers.Puzzled owners will then be directed into their computer and will be asked to open particular programs and upon doing so, the average users will be exposed to a list of errors and critical contents. The caller will then offer his help promising you to rectify these issues at once.Without thinking twice, many computer owners agree with the scam callers and fall into their trap. The worst thing is that owners will put out lots of money and they end up paying for nothing. The thing is, there is really nothing wrong with your computer, the caller is also not from Microsoft, and your money is gone with the wind. If you own a computer and are using this device for both personal and professional purposes, be extra careful and make sure not to fall victim to their deceitful scams.How to Protect Yourself from Scam Callers Individuals need to be aware that there really are callers who can falsely claim to offer services and products. These scam callers usually claim to legitimately represent a reputable company with the intention of tricking you into believing that a serious situation that does not really exist, and convincing you to give them your personal and financial information. Scammers of all kinds have the capacity to obtain telephone numbers illegally from the phonebook and public lists so that you may receive fraudulent calls.There are possible ways to protect yourself from scam callers. In case you receive a call from someone claiming to be from Microsoft and telling you that you have a virus that they can easily fix, it’s best to just hang up. Keep in mind that Microsoft never really makes unsolicited calls or realistically don’t care whether you have a virus or not. These are just scammers pretending to be authorized representatives of the company and are just after your money.Scam callers have proliferated all over the world and it cannot be denied that this has cost many individuals from different walks of life. The good thing is that there are ways to protect yourself. Also, if you are having issues with your computer system, make sure to contact a professional you can trust to help you through it. And if you are also having issues with your internet, call your internet service provider.Recommendations:
  1. Once you received the call, ask them to don’t call anymore and hang up.
  2. Call a professional and ask for consulting about the call.
  3. One of the most important practices is having a Reliable Antivirus.
  4. Do not give access or further conversation to scammers.
  5. If you already allowed the scammer on your machine, turn it off and bring it immediately to a professional who can take care of any backdoor open and in some occasion re-install the OS.
If you are having similar trouble give us a call 385-630-3100 or email us at info@rcdutah.com for a free consultation.  At Rios Computer Designs we can help you no matter what state you are calling from.

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