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New Power Button Board W/ Ribbon Replacement For HP Pavilion

GinTai New Power Button Board W/ Ribbon Replacement For HP Pavilion 14-N DA0U83PB6E0 15-N 732076-001 15-F 776780-001 15-f023wm 15-f024wm 15-f027ca 15-f033wm 15-f039wm 15-f048ca 15-f059wm

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100% Brand new and high quality
Used for 15-f085wm 15-f009wm 15-n097nr 15-n098nr 15-n151xx 15-f210ca 15-f240ca 15-f199nr 15-n093nr 15-n094nr 15-n096nr 15-f010dx 15-f010wm 15-f011nr 15-n090nr 15-n091nr 15-n092nr 15-n299nr 15-f001xx 15-f003dx 15-n080ca 15-n084ca 15-n087nr 15-n267nr 15-n268nr 15-n269nr 15-n060ca 15-n060nr 15-n061nr 15-f023wm 15-f024wm 15-f027ca 15-f033wm 15-f014wm 15-f018ca 15-f018dx 15-f019dx 15-n047cl 15-n048ca 15-n048nr 15-f004dx 15-f004wm 15-f008cl
Fit for 15-f097nr 15-f098nr 15-f100dx 15-f111dx 15-n212nr 15-n213ca 15-n213nr 15-n207cl 15-n207nr 15-n208nr 15-n292nr 15-n293cl 15-n293nr 15-n088ca 15-n088nr 15-n089nr 15-n289nr 15-n290nr 15-n291nr 15-n287nr 15-n288ca 15-n288nr 15-n068nr 15-n069nr 15-n071nr 15-n217nr 15-n218nr 15-n219nr 15-n285nr 15-n286nr 15-n287cl 15-n210us 15-n211dx 15-n211nr 15-n277nr 15-n278nr 15-n279nr 15-n201nr 15-n202nr 15-n203nr
Compatible with 15-f009ca 15-n066us 15-n067nr 15-n067ca 15-n294nr 15-n297nr 15-n298nr 15-n283nr 15-n284ca 15-n284nr 15-n280nr 15-n280us 15-n281nr 15-n033ca 15-n034ca 15-n034nr 15-n270nr 15-n271nr 15-n272nr 15-n265nr 15-n266nr 15-n267ca 15-n019wm 15-n020ca 15-n020nr 15-n214nr 15-n215nr 15-n216us 15-n010us 15-n011nr 15-n012nr 15-n209nr 15-n210dx 15-n210nr 15-n204nr 15-n205nr 15-n206nr 15-n221nr 15-n222nr 15-n223nr 15-n220ca 15-n220nr 15-n220us
Special skill and techniques required for proper installation. Please check both the model and picture before purchase.


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