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ATX 20 Pin PSU to MINI 24 Pin

6″ ATX 20 Pin PSU to HP SLIMLINE Mini 24 Pin Converter Adapter Cable

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ATX 20 Pin PSU to Mini HP ATX 24 Pin Connector Adapter

 Key Selling Points: Used for computers and slim-line computers that need standard ATX converted to mitx!Great cable to get you powered up!

ATX 20 Pin PSU to Mini HP ATX 24 Pin Connector Adapter 


Model: ATX Power Supply Adapter 20 Pin to Mini ATX 24 Pin
General Features:
• Converts 20-pin ATX to 24-pin Mitx
• Supports many HP models

Compatibility: HP/Compaq; Mini ITX motherboards
Condition: New

Adapts between ATX Mini 24-pin and 20-pin PSU connectors

s3500f, s5160f, s3521, s3100n, s3521.uk, s3500f
s3521.sc, s3521, s3122x, s3521.uk, EN996AA, s3521.sc
s7310n, s3122x, s3120n, s7310n, s7220n
s7120n, s3120n, s7210n, s7120n, s7400n
s7410n, s7415c, s3431, s7420n, s7210n, s7421c, s3431.uk
s7500e, s3430f, s7500n, s7400n, s7500y, s7410n
s7510n, s7415c, s7515x, s7420n, s7517c, s7421c
s7527c, s7500e, s7530n, s7500n, s7600n, s7500y, s7603w, s7510n
s7605n, s7515x, s7612n, s7517c, s7613w, s7527c, s7617c, s7530n
HP 5188-7520, EN996AA
HP 5188-7520
HP 5188-2755, s7220n
Slimline s3431
HP 5188-2755
HP 5188-7602
s7600n, s7620n, s7603w, s7627c, s7605n, s7320n, s7612n, S3400T
s7613w, s7700n, s7617c, s3707c
HP 5188-7602
s7712n, s7620n, s7713w, s7627c  s7727c, s7320n, s3220n, S3400T
S3420F, s7700n, s3707c
s7712n, s7713w, s7727c, s5120f, s3220n, S3420F

Package Includes:

One 20-Pin Mini ATX to 24-Pin ATX PSU Connector Adaptor



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