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Computer Virus Symptoms-Know if your Computer is Infected

Computer virus affects many individuals and poses threats to the overall security of one’s computer system. The growing number of online users all over the world is creating equal or even larger opportunities for cyber criminals to fully take advantage of their systems. As people become more dependent on online environment, it is expected to see massive growth in cyber-criminal activities and malware worldwide. Computer threats and viruses are security issues that individuals are battling almost every day. It therefore pays to know the common computer virus that may infect your computer.

The following are the common computer virus that poses serious threats to the security of computer systems:

  • Computer Slow Performance

If you tend to notice particular actions like computer slow performance, this can be an indication that your computer is infected by virus. This is usually true however; you need to keep in mind that viruses can also reproduce as well as multiply your data and files or can overcrowd your disk space. This can also overload disk usage. Another common example of computer slow performance is when you’re browsing your files or document folders; it unusually takes longer to browse from one folder to the other. It also takes longer time to open similar program. You should always be on the lookout for this computer virus symptom.

  • No Response

Many computer users have probably been there. You may also experience working then suddenly nothing happens. You cannot move your mouse, or the keyboard starts to zilch. You then begin to panic especially if you still haven’t save your document. Computer not responding is one common computer virus symptoms that you need to watch out for.

  • Slow Startup

This is another computer virus symptom experienced by many individuals today. Have you experienced pushing the elevator button telling yourself that it’s the slowest elevator you have ever used? This is somehow the same as the startup process of your computer. When your computer’s start up time is slower than before, then this might be infected by virus.

  • Crashing

If your computer spontaneously crashes, you need to be careful. Upon restarting your computer, you might notice that this does not seem to function or run smoothly. If your computer self-starts every few seconds or minutes, then beware of computer virus. This computer virus symptom might be an indication that your computer security is at risk.

  • Missing Files

If you noticed the applications on your computer are not working correctly, you might also notice that some of your files are missing and this includes many different files. Some maybe documents, images and other files that you have saved on your computer. You likewise physically notice that the files are gone and if you attempt to use particular applications, these seem not running or refusing to run properly. Missing files are therefore one of the common virus symptoms that you need to be aware of.

  • Error Messages

Common symptoms of computer virus is popups containing error messages this simulating fake errors or actual errors due to corrupted programs, applications or Operating System files.

  • Advertisement

One of the most popular issues as consequences of virus are the advertisement, popups, toolbar, audio/video running on the background or automatic redirect of pages.

  • Outgoing fake E-mail

Even worst, when you receive a call from a family, wo-worker or even your boss, inquiring about the email you sent, when the reality wasn’t you and instead robots and online viruses. This sometime stealing information of your contacts


These are actually few of the many computer virus symptoms that pose risks to the overall performance and security of your computer. Other symptoms include disk drives not accessible, printer issues, strange error messages and more.

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