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New AMD Ryzen CPU Incompatible with older motherboards

Among some of the latest problems and conflicts pertaining to the world of personal computers, one recurring situation seems to happen more and more to desktop PC owners these days. I’m referring to the incompatibility of the latest AMD Ryzen CPU, with motherboards that are configured with a BIOS that does not yet support the specifications of the new CPU. What results is that the computer will not pass POST and will not start up after installation of the new CPU leaving a black screen with no beeps or even error message. The motherboard will not recognize the CPU, and the PC’s owner is left with a non-functioning computer.

Sometimes in this fast-paced world of technology, there are conflicts of compatibility with some of the latest products of software and hardware. Sometimes these products can be quite expensive, which can add to the frustration when these products do not function properly.

This conflict is still fairly new to the PC world, yet it is becoming a widely discussed problem for owners of the new CPU on the internet at this point. It seems there are a few options for resolving this problem, with mixed reviews on the process and end results. These results include the overall cost of the solution, the amount of hassle and amount of time spent, and the level of satisfaction when it is at last resolved.

The easiest ways to solve this problem are as follows: A CPU that is compatible with the existing motherboard can be either purchased or borrowed and then temporarily installed. Then, Firmware can be downloaded from the manufacturer of the existing motherboard, to upgrade the BIOS to recognize the new Ryzen CPU.

This job is best performed by an expert or professional, as there are certain risk factors to the motherboard when upgrading the BIOS. The job must be performed accurately, and it must be performed with a battery backup in place. For example, if there were a loss of power during the BIOS upgrade, the BIOS will become damaged beyond repair, and motherboards can be expensive or in some scenarios the BIOS can be replaced with a new one, but this also means that you will need to order and hopefully get it within another week or two. Even this process sounds easy, WE DO NOT RECOMMEND doing it if you don’t have the required experience and tools and instead we recommend to better ask an expert. Many People claim to know how to do it, but you must evaluate the tech, i.e., is this an independent technician or work for a known company? what is his background? does have a lab or shop? What’s the warranty or insurance in case the motherboard or BIOS fried?

In conclusion, there are multiple ways to fix the compatibility issue of AMD and older motherboards:

  1. (Not Recommended) Buy an older CPU that is known compatible with the newest motherboard and Flash the BIOS yourself.
    1. Pros –
      1. You will not need to pay an Expert to do it for you
      2. You will learn a new skill and possibly help others on the way
    2. Cons –
      1. You will have to pay for a CPU that possibly will not have a use after
      2. The risk is high when you do it with no experience and the remedy can be worst
  • You will need to wait a long time for a CPU to arrive
  1. (Not Recommended) Borrow a CPU from a friend or even AMD itself and do it yourself
    1. Pros –
      1. You will not need to pay an Expert to do it for you
      2. You will learn a new skill and possibly help others on the way
    2. Cons –
      1. The risk is high when you do it with no experience and the remedy can be worst
      2. You will need to pay more and even wait a long time for a CPU to arrive
      3. Damages on a borrowed CPU can cost you money
  1. (Recommended) Call an Expert and have it done professionally and guaranteed.
    1. Pros –
      1. You will not need to buy a CPU (Saved Money)
      2. Can be done as fast as 15 minutes and don’t need to wait for an older CPU to arrive or be borrowed from a friend
      3. If something Fried, depending on the company policy, the professional or company will take care and find you a solution.
    2. Cons –
      1. You will need to pay, depending on the company an average of $35 to $80 for the service.


Please note: that we encourage our readers to don’t try this without background experience on this matter and instead consult with an expert. If you do, please understand that Rios Computer Designs or writer are not responsible for any partial or permanent damages that may occur.

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